Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review Newest Model DH 9074 Model 3.5 Channel Metal Gyro RC Helicopter ---NEW!

I bought this toy for my son and myself, and that i should say I actually have been well happy with its construction, sturdiness and functionality. The toy has taken variety of laborious crashes into buildings, concrete, and trees -- therefore its tuff, damn tuff, however how well will it fly? Firstly, its a lot of a strong

Review Eagle LED 3CH RC Helicopter Radio Remote Control 26" Electric Falcon Heli with Metal Ski

This product was for my grandchild. It arrived promptly, was higher than expected! nice product, want the battery lasted longer, however, it's my understanding that this can be typical with all of those kinds of remote management things. Overall nice product.My wife got this for my birthday. i used to be shocked at how short its four hr. charge was/is. apart from solely having the ability to play with it for ten min. it's great.I bought this heli mainly for the flybar and taillight. I will fill atiny low niche in

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review 2011 Newest!!! 100% Genuine Original Brand New Parkflyers Avatar Z008 Infrared Co-axial RTF Micro Mini Remote Control RC R/C Helicopter with Gyro Red 4 Channel

This rc helicopter has the simplest stable flight on the market. The run time is higher than average compared to alternative helicopters. I even have owned several by the method. The 4Ch is cool as a result of it lets the helicopter go facet to facet rather than simply back and forth. The 4CH is that the newest technology helicopters on the market, the flight is far a lot of enjoyable then the regular 3ch helicopters.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review Air Hogs Hawk Eye Channel B

TLDR - Fun toy for the worth. Camera could be a gimick, not all that nice.So.. the camera on this issue ain't nice. It's extremely simply a toy RC helicopter. You get regarding 3-4 minutes of play out of it, then you've got to charge it up. it is a ton of fun. It takes 2-3 runs to work this issue out. I still crash it constantly, however it hasn't broken nonetheless. You hook this up when you are done flying to induce the pictures off it. The management could be a bit restricted, and generally the issue does not respond at once, however fully meets my expectations for the worth.The blades move quick, and will be dangerous to a young youngsters eyes, however apart from that, i might let me ten year previous play with this, no problem.I use it within the house, and haven't broken any issue or anyone nonetheless, however it's fully attainable to knock glass over or one thing.

Review Air Hogs R/C Red Fly Crane

Awesome toy. My son had a good time twiddling with it. This new Air Hogs is way a lot of sturdy than previous versions made from foam. positively well worth the cash.

Product Description

No object is out of reach when you pilot this red Fly Crane from Air Hogs. Using Steady Fly Technology, the Fly Crane lets you pick up, transport and drop off objects with the utmost stability. Drop and retract your grapple hook to haul cargo with the push of a button. Use your looped baskets to transport crucial supplies to places only the Fly Crane can reach. If you need something moved, then look to the sky for the Air Hogs Fly Crane.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review SYMA S108G 3 CH Infrared Mini Radio Controlled Marine Cobra Helicopter Gyro

The helicopter I bought is that the best I've ever had though i have never had several. It flies perfectly and is incredibly stable. It took one or two of tries to urge it down however currently it's terribly straightforward. most likely the most effective half concerning this helicopter is its sturdiness. I even have crashed this helicopter countless amounts of times and it's still holding strong! The battery time is concerning ten minutes (which is really pretty smart for this size helicopter). it's regarding excellent and highly advised!I have the S107's (2 of them) additionally a DH-1(basically a S107 by another manufacturer) they're each terribly straightforward to fly, right out of the box, once trimming the S108G, i feel it's going to even be to a small degree easier to fly. The gyro during this heli can hold a straight line. With the 107's they have an inclination to crab to a small degree to 1 aspect or the opposite. The S108G was smart right out of the

Monday, August 22, 2011

Review Newest Syma S023G 3.5 CH Large Size 15" AH-64 Apache Military Co-Axial R/C Outdoor Helicopter With Gyro

Great chopper for the price($55). Beginner mode and master mode are nice. it' an outside chopper though you wish zero wind. I got mine up to thirty feet high. one hour charge for concerning seven min. flight time. i do not just like the antenna haning down twelve inches from rock bottom of chopper.

Product Description

This R/C UH-64 Apache Military helicopter is ready-to-fly straight out of the box. It's constructed from high impact plastic, which makes it durable and solid. Thanks to its Gyro flight stability system, you won't believe the extreme maneuverability and how easy it is to fly. This helicopter also comes with dual Rotor blades which makes turning left and right easier

Friday, August 19, 2011

Review Cobra R/C 3 Channel Large Helicopter - Apache

With Our Cobra Toys Radio Controlled (RC) helicopters you'll be able to like bigger aerobatic capabilities and longer flying time. rigorously developed and tested, Cobra Toys use higher batteries - typically Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer) for quicker charge time and longer play time, higher parts and superior construction. The result's a premium quality designed and engineered product. Cobra Toys is proud to gift the Cobra Apache 9088 RC helicopter. straightforward to fly indoors or outside and is extraordinarily sturdy. This engineering marvel is predicated on a twin, counter-rotating, main rotor blade style that fully cancels out main-rotor torque the powerful force that creates ancient helicopters therefore difficult to fly. Fly up, down, left, right and hover with ease. Order nowadays and that we can embody a chargeable battery and battery charger. Yes, we supply all spare elements for this helicopter. Measures regarding fifteen inches long and contains a rotor span of regarding fifteen inches. Helicopter has in-built Battery.
This is a cute toy and fairly controllable, but the manufacturer now not supports the pieced required to stay it within the air. The balance bar isn't on the market and now not created.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #114052 in Toys & Games
  • Brand: Cobra
  • Model: L99234
  • Dimensions: 24.75" h x 9.00" w x 4.40" l,


  • Do Not Leave Unattended when Charging
  • Battery Duration:10 min
  • Dimensions: L 16 Inches X W 5.5 Inches x H 6.5 Inches
  • Range:120 Feet

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review 9020 4 Channel Stable Co-axial 4 CH R/C Helicopter RTF w/ Built in Gyro + LED Lights + Missiles - ORANGE Color

This 9020 is a turning helicopter 4 channel helicopter. It flies very well and I like the design and painting. Very stable in flight.

Product Description

This NEW 2011 Model mini 4 channel coaxial toy helicopter is equipped with 3.7V 140 mAh Lipo battery and 3 axis gyro. The 9020 is extremely stable in hovering, moves in all 6 directions, and achieves hand free hovering without difficulties. This helicopter also looks amazing! The paint job and missiles really make this look really cool! The alloy metal frame and elastic blade reduces the chance of replacement after crashes. Comes with USB charger and replacement blades.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #55498 in Toys & Games
  • Brand: 4 Channel Helicopter
  • Model: 9020


  • 9020 4 channel RC Helicopter 4CH with GYRO and LED flashing lights
  • Function: Forward, backword, turn left, turn right ,up and down,crabbing
  • Charging Time: 30minutes ; Flight Duration: 8-10 minutes
  • Frequency: Infra red control system - bands A, B & C
  • USB Charger + Replacement Blades

Review Air Hogs Battling Havoc Heli - Havoc vs Yellow Stinger

I bought this set as a birthday gift for my godson 14 years. I was hoping it would be fun for a while ', but had no hope that this product would work as advertised. These things rarely. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was a lot of fun to fly and that the battles were great! We had about 10 minutes of flight per charge, but it seemed quite reasonable. Of course, this was a couple of adults who play with a teenager. I think this might be frustrating for a child with an attention span shorter. But for an older child (or adult "children") was an absolute coup. Worth the price. The helicopters were surprisingly strong given that crashed in ceilings, floors, a cat, a bowl of water on a roof of an annex (it takes a while 'to learn how to control these things.) In practice we were able to maneuver enough well, and I was surprised how well these helicopters could be controlled. In all this, only a tail rotor unharmed and was quickly resolved with the parts supplied with the kit.
In general, for the right people is very funny. It takes a little 'patience and a good sense of humor to play well with them, so it should be a consideration. But I would buy these again, and certainly the opportunity to purchase a different product in the same line.
Having owned by Air Hogs products before, we bought the Havoc Helis delicate struggle knowing what the toy would be real practical and what is required to fly with a skill / accuracy.

That said, we'll have a blast with our helicopters. We have a small living room / dining area and a battleground for the tag air hog laser. The unit load fairly quickly (especially compared with Air Hogs planes possessions) and provide 5-6 minutes of flight per charge.

For the most part, we are two adults playing with them and they just happened to "throw" the other a few times in two days of play, so we still have a lot of practice to do so. We have 6 years and 7 children also enjoy participating in fun, and are able to fly helicopters for the room. Shooting or indeed the direction of their cars is a bit 'too much for her age. This is definitely a toy for teenagers / adults, but the fun is enjoyed by all.

Be sure to read the instructions / see the DVD - especially if you're new to the Air Hogs products to maximize your enjoyment.
Got this morning as a Christmas present to myself, but above all the family had a great ... while it lasted.

Amazon has also recommended that I buy the spare disks in the box with this. Note that the upper rotors can not be replaced! Spinmaster (are) Havoc Heli rotors are connected to a tree. No documentation or advice on this. The instructions never mention the need to replace the rotor top. Fortunately there were only a few dollars more.

After 5 hours of use, the rotor shaft that drives up the helicopter was losing the engine and there is no way to reconnect. We had a lot of accidents on the walls, but the abuse is not serious. Both helicopters of the battery.

The next time I buy a helicopter to replace the parts. Even though these broke down, was still a blast at work, and I want to fly again ....

Product Description

Air Hogs RC Havoc Heli Laser Battle Alien Invasion Air Hogs has reached a new limit with the amazing Havoc Heli Laser Battling Set now with Alien Invasion heli! Now you can battle helicopters with your friends and shoot them down from the sky. Simply fly into position, fire from your controller and BAM! Your opponent goes into a wild tailspin! Havoc Heli is the world's smallest, most advanced radio-controlled helicopters capable of incredible maneuverability. Laser Battle Helis are armed with infrared beam weapons, so you can duel in a kind of exciting real-world 3D "video game" complete with authentic battle sounds and action! Laser Battle comes complete with two Havoc Helis (each with distinctive markings) and two wireless controllers/chargers (with radio channel selector). You have two-toggle, four-way directional control of dual-rotary blades and a tail rotor to fly up, down, left, right, forward, back or hover with amazing precision. You'll need it to survive! Havoc Helis are rated "Easy To Fly," which means with a little practice, anyone can pilot these like a pro. The Havoc Heli Battling set comes complete with and features: 2 helicopters (one Havoc Heli and one Havoc Alien Heli) 2 controllers authentic battling sounds 2 long life rechargeable LIPO batteries and real infrared targeting

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #12243 in Toys & Games
  • Brand: SpinMaster
  • Model: 6012200
  • Released on: 2008-09-15
  • Dimensions: 16.00" h x 13.00" w x 3.00" l,


  • Indoor Battling Helicopter set comes with 2 helis and 2 controllers
  • Blast opponent with Infra Red Beams, sending them into a downward spiral, extreme 1 on 1 dogfight
  • Precision flight, extremely lightweight helis which fit right in the palm of your hand

Editorial Reviews

Amazon.com Review
Get ready for one-on-one dogfight action with the Air Hogs R/C Havoc Heli Laser Battle set. Featuring two lightweight remote-control helicopters set to engage in battle, this set is designed to keep kids aged eight and up busy for hours. These Helicopters add action to any indoor play area while inspiring friendly competition and imaginative play.